We are not really sure what AVINCA means. The most likely meaning would be AViation IN CAnada. We just liked the sound of it.

Who are we?

Avinca was formed in 2010 by two Ottawa pilots: Chris Hobbs and Jean René de Cotret.

The idea originally came from some work that Chris was doing with Carleton University to develop a tool called Big Blue Button, an internet-based interactive training system.

Combining this with MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) to provide an overall environment where students can do homework, exchange questions and opinions with other students and instructors and a starting place for the conferencing, provided us with a rich e-learning environment.

Chris is a mathematician by training, a computer programmer by profession and a pilot by inclination. He learned to fly in gliders in Christhe Welsh mountains and has over 2000 hours of power flying, particularly enjoying IFR flight. He has written several books on flying including the PPL Answer Guide and Flying Beyond, the Commercial Pilot Textbook, and has taught groundschools for over a decade. Contact Chris at chris@avinca.ca.

Jean is an Electrical Engineer by training and worked for 25 years for Bell Canada developing interesting technologies and services before deciding that flying was what he Jean René de Cotret really wanted to do. He started learning to fly in 2000, received his IFR rating in 2002, his Instructor rating in 2003 and has been working as a Flight Instructor at Rockcliffe since 2004. As a Class 1 instructor - Airplanes, with a Multi-IFR rating, he recently discovered the pleasures of Seaplane flying. Jean has also taught groundschools for PPL, CPL and IFR since 2002 and has organized numerous seminars for members of the Rockcliffe Flying Club over the years. Jean is bilingual in English and French. Contact Jean at jean@avinca.ca.