Because our courses are done over the Internet, some equipment is required beyond the books and tools normally associated with flight training. Most of these are fairly easy to find.

Equipment Required

We usually have a short session a few days before the course start to ensure that all participants have adequate equipment and that they know how to connect before the first lesson. You can also view this short video tutorial ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the technology. In order to participate in one of Avinca's training sessions, you need to have access to the following equipment.

Broadband Internet Connectivity.

A broadband Internet connection is required to connect to the server. We have found that some of the Internet-Lite services can work, but a dial-up connection is  inadequate. We strongly advise students to avoid having another connection doing a significant download on the same access line or using it for any real-time video or audio streaming (such as internet radio) while the training session is in progress.

A Computer

Our technology places no restriction on the type of computer you use. Avinca students have in the past successfully used PCs running Linux, PCs running Microsoft's Windows and Apple Macs of various types. Laptops, netbooks and desk-top computers all work. However, at this time Apple ios based tablets and other devices which do not support Flash do not work.

A Browser

Any browser capable of handling Adobe Flash 11.2 (or above) is adequate. Students have successfully used Avinca services with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. It is possible that older versions of Internet Explorer may not work correctly and, if this is the case, we recommend the (free) Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Audio Technology

The audio is carried over the internet connexion so you do not require a separate telephone. To be able to listen to the instructor, you need some form of audio output and, to be able to speak, a microphone.


Although it is possible to use a loudspeaker attached to the computer and a hand-held microphone, we have found that unless the microphone is very well sheltered from the loudspeaker, this can lead to significant feedback and echo problems. We therefore ask that you acquire a good-quality headset with a mute button for the microphone.


If you are having difficulty with hearing or speaking in during a lesson, the following document will provide some ideas for checking your computer configuration and debugging as required: BBB troubleshooting. It can be used in conjunction with the video tutorial mentioned above.

If you are interested in any of our courses or have questions, please contact us at