Are you a student looking for an individual ground-school solution or are you a small flight school?

Groundschool from the comfort of your home

Avinca uses interactive Internet conferencing technology to bring the course to you. Ideal for small flight schools without the capacity to offer their own courses and students who can't commit to being in a particular location for the duration of the groundschool. The course is accessible anywhere where the Internet reaches. 

Our courses are not "canned" material. You get the interaction of a classroom course, but from the comfort and privacy of your chosen location.

Latest News

Read the recent COPA Flight 8 article about our courses and platform. See "The Story of Avinca Online IFR Ground School".

Is your IFR ticket up for renewal soon? Avinca offers a short refresher course for the ground portion. For details see our courses page.

Thinking about registering for one of the Avinca remote groundschools? You may take a 30 minute trial lesson on request. Send an email to .

Our next complete IFR course will start August 7th 2014. Here is a PDF poster if you want to advertise this at your airport.

What does a lesson look like?

Here is a sample lesson recorded during one of our recent classes:

What Have Participants Said?

“Good evening from Rome.”
“Signing in from my cottage“ (Participant 2010).
“It was wonderful for me since I travel a lot for work.“ (Participant 2011)
“Great course, starts from the big picture and fills in the details as you go.“ (M. Braithwaite – IFR PE)
“Wonderful refresher after 15 years out of the IFR environment." (D Hopkins participant 2012.)
“Great course, great instructors.... Love their patience and enthusiasm “ (Participant 2011)
“Forums were helpful, and the instructors were very quick to respond “ (Participant 2011)

What Other Services?toronto

As well as class instruction, Avinca provides one-on-one instruction for students encountering specific problems in their training. This may be provided interactively using the same technology as for class instruction or may be sent by email.

A complete list of services can be found on our services page.

But what about ...?

We know you have many more questions. We have answered some of them on our Frequently-Asked Questions page.

You should also feel free to email us at