Here are some of the services that Avinca can offer, but we develop courses as a business, so ask us if you don't see what you want here.

Avinca's services

Avinca serves flight schools and individual student pilots. Our standard services are described below. We would welcome discussion with any flight school or student with the aim of designing, preparing and delivering customised training as required.

Services for Flight Schools

Avinca provides the following remote tutition services and, as described in the Frequently-Asked Questions, there are different ways in which the flight school can be involved.

IFR Groundschool Training

This course is designed provide students with the necessary information to become safe IFR pilots, with an understanding of the entire IFR system. It focuses on modern IFR technology (e.g., GPS rather than NDBs) and covers some of the less well understood aspects of IFR flying including flight in uncontrolled airspace and the differences between flying IFR in Canada and in the USA.

The course is not an examination cramming session but, at its end, students have all of the information necessary to pass the Transport Canada INRAT examination.

For more information about this course, click here.

Services for Individual Students

Individual students who cannot get to a flight school for their ground training are encouraged to join any of the formal groundschools or seminars listed above.

We offer complete individual tuition to students for PPL and CPL groundschool, using a combination of one-on-one lessons and self-study, to keep the cost reasonable.

In addition, private tuition can be provided by Avinca instructors to assist students who are having problems with particular parts of a groundschool. This assistance can be offered by email or, if the student feels it would be more efficient, by scheduling a private, interactive remote session.

Students interested in assistance should contact Avinca at

But what about ...?

Avinca is able to design courses and provide individual training in all areas relating to General Aviation. We are also qualified to do Language Proficiency Tests and tests for Radio Certificate - Aeronautical on request (Ottawa area only).

You should also feel free to email us at